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Why come to CentredTherapies for Swedish Massage?

Swedish Massage Promoting Complete Relaxation

The main goal of giving a massage is to promote relaxation of the whole body and mind. This massage treatment is an excellent choice for those who have never had a massage before, or if you are just wanting to completely chill out. The level of pressure is generally low to medium.

Entirely Centred Around You

Affordable treatment enabling you to bring massage into your monthly routine of well-being. CentredTherapies will tailor your treatment, completely centred around your needs and requirements making sure that when you leave, you are feeling that you have been listened to, enabling you to get the most out of your session.

Pampering Time

Your massage will be on a luxurious, extra wide heated couch, with the option of a hot towel foot cleanse followed by a foot massage to bring your experience off to a wonderful relaxing start. To promote total relaxation a lavender wheat pad surrounds your neck giving way to a wonderful aroma and sense of calm.

Your Massage Retreat

A calming atmosphere within lovely surroundings allows you to leave all your worry's at the door, to enjoy all the benefits of a massage by taking some quality time just for you to rebalance. Soothing, relaxing music playing in the background, all add to the delicious experience of your massage retreat.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Releases Stress

Stress affects all of us time and again. It's manifested in diverse behavioral changes such as increased tobacco use, withdrawing socially, engaging in alcohol, depression, and sadness as well as angry outbursts. As a result, stomach upsets increase, headaches, fatigues, chest pain or muscle tensions occur. A massage experience can enhance the heart rate, relax muscles and lower blood pressure while releasing endorphin's in the body leaving you feeling great. Studies have indicated just a 60-minute session can reduce your heart rate and cortisol, ending stress.

Improves Posture

Due to the nature of our lifestyles, our postures are usually on the losing end. There's so much tension that culminates in a tense back, painful backaches and neck pain. Poor posture makes you look awful and forces the body muscles to exert even further all day long. Internal organs are pressed down affecting other body functions such as digestion. Massage returns your body to its best, reinforcing its natural and healthy movements, relieving pressure points, letting your joints enjoy maximum freedom, relaxing and loosening the muscles

Enhances Relaxation

In most cases deadlines at work, long and slow traffic to long meetings, noise, and mayhem at home could complicate out the ability to relax. Digestive complications, insomnia, and painful headaches result in cortisol levels going up. Massage therapy easily decreases the levels of cortisol allowing the body to recover, rest and relax. In fact, the relation effect remains a little longer after the massage

Boosts Circulation

Poor circulation increases discomfort as fluids can pool in the extremities such as the toes. Aches and fatigue go up as lactic acid starts to accumulate in bodily muscles. Better circulation brings needed oxygen to tense and damaged muscles. As Pressure is applied during the massage, blood is allowed to move through the tense areas. Pulling and squeezing techniques also release lactic acid afflicting the muscles. Therapy actually enhances the flow of blood, decreases blood pressure and augments the body functions

Centred Around You

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