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Hot Stone Body Massage in Lincoln

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Treat yourself to a Lincoln Hot Stone massage

As with all massage therapy, hot stone massage has a main goal of promoting relaxation and relief from muscle tension.  Using the smooth, flat, heated basalt stones as an extension of their hands, along with long gliding strokes across the back using the Swedish massage technique, this completes your hot stone massage treatment.  Incorporating more pressure and other movements such as circling, tapping and vibration in areas of need, the hot stone massage treatment will help you float away into a peaceful relaxed state of being.  Beautiful aromatic oils are also used with the hot stone massage, with the added treat of a heated couch to make this experience one that you will never forget. 

About our Hot Stone massage experience

Hot Stone Massage is a deliciously relaxing massage which can be purely pampering or used to help with the warming up of more tense muscles before and during a deeper massage treatment.  When you book an appointment, a consultation will be carried out prior to treatment to make sure that your hot stone massage experience is what is best for your specific needs and completely tailored to you. 

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

  1. Muscle relaxation - Relieves tension, pain and stressed muscles through the heat and massage treatment 
  2. Stress relief – Reduces physical and mental stress and anxiety through the whole body having the chance to relax and repair 
  3. Pain relief - Hot stones allow a deeper massage and because the therapist is using heat through the stones to penetrate the muscle,  you will find that the effects of this treatment have a more lasting effect rather than just using the hands with a regular massage. 
  4. Improvement of circulation – The heat that is generated from the stones penetrates the muscles, helping the blood vessels to open resulting in improved circulation.  Through better circulation, your muscles receive more oxygen into the muscles, which in turn helps with relief of aches and pains 
  5. Mental benefits – While hot stone massage treatment is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care, it can be used alongside conventional medicine to promote good wellbeing of you as a whole, through relaxation and relief of emotional and physical pain. 
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