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About Reiki

The actual word ‘Reiki’ is made of two words. Rei means ‘The higher power’ or God’s Wisdom’ and Ki means ‘Life Force Energy’. By using both words together it means ‘Spiritually guided life force energy’. This treatment is a technique used for reduction of stress and promotes relaxation and healing. The Reiki Practitioner administers the therapy by the ‘Laying on hands’ or near to the client and uses life force energy to flow to the client, aiding the client to feel better in themselves. Life force energy flows through all living things, so if your energy is low, then you are much more likely to be feeling stressful and anxious, than if it was of a higher level. Although Reiki is of a spiritual treatment, it is not a religion. A Lincoln Reiki Treatment is for the complete person, that is the body, emotions, mind and spirit enabling the client to feel at peace, relaxed and the overall feeling of a better well-being. A lot of clients report that the feel ‘wonderful’ and ‘glowing’ after treatment. Through Reiki treatment the body’s energy blockages are healed and good health restored leaving every emotional trauma healed and balancing the soul, mind and body.

Benefits of Reiki include:

  • Relaxes you
  • Helps you to be less anxious
  • Enables your emotional clarity
  • Helps with spiritual growth


Personalised touch with our Lincoln Reiki Practitioner

Reiki is a healing process that once personalised can be a constant practice that’ll leave you healthy and well rejuvenated than ever. Through the practice the health and functions of one’s body are strengthened and balanced, in the process enhancing self-awareness and relaxation apart from nourishing and calming the spirit. Reiki is a useful and practical application that increases the rate of healing and strengthens your body whether it’s just a few bruises or chronic emotional and mental illnesses or imbalances. It can be applied to any given situation and at about any time when you want to feel different and relaxed. While it’s a practice simple in practice and theory, its potential is limitless.

What to expect during Reiki treatment?

When you come to CentredTherapies that is based at 41 Moor Lane, North Hykeham, Lincoln, your therapist, Carolyn, will apply ‘Reiki’ to help alleviate or relieve stress-related issues. The aim of this treatment is to encourage healing, relieve tension and symptoms of stress. It can also be used to improve your general overall health and well-being. A complete treatment takes between 45 – 60 minutes. The treatment is non-invasive with the benefit of not requiring to remove any clothing and will be carried out on a couch. A wonderfully relaxing treatment that promotes the relieving of stress, and can also leave you feeling stimulated and invigorated too. A consultation with Carolyn before the Reiki treatment will enable you to say what it is that you wish to get out from the session and any subsequent appointments, including any worries or questions that you may have about the treatment.

How often should I have a Reiki Treatment

During the first consultation, with our Lincoln Reiki practitioner, Carolyn, you will discuss what you wish to get out of having the session and consequent sessions too. Your treatment plan will be totally bespoke to your needs and requirements taking into consideration your age, state of health, and any nature of condition that has brought you to have a session in the first instant. All information passed to Carolyn at all sessions are confidential.

What should you do after having treatment?

It is recommended that you drink lots of water in the next 24 hour period immediately after having treatment. The main reasons are to re hydrate your body, and will also help to improve your energy levels too.

Try to stay away from drinks such as alcohol, tea and coffee as these are stimulants and will change the effectiveness of the the treatment. Also only eat light meals to help with healthy digestion and allowing your body to heal.

Finally remember to jot down any reactions that you have, if any, so you can inform the therapist at your next session. The reactions may well be emotional as well as physical. Some clients report that treatments can stir up all sorts of reactions both positive and negative. If this does happen to you and you require further advice before your next treatment session, then just Contact Carolyn and she will be happy to talk with you and give support.

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