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When Can You Have A Post Natal Massage?

Post Natal Massage is for new mothers in the postpartum period of which is normally the six weeks after the birth of the baby. It is an amazing treatment specially designed to help you as the new mother to adjust both emotionally and physically after such a life-changing experience of giving birth to new life. Post Natal Massage can be offered to all new mothers, providing that the birth has been a normal delivery, as soon as they feel able and have got the go-ahead from their midwife. If the birth was by C-section, then a Post Natal Massage can only be safely given after the healing of the scar tissue is sufficiently healed. It is advisable that you seek advice from your health professional prior to booking.

What to expect at your Post Natal Massage experience?

The massage that you will receive here at CentredTherapies, uses low to medium pressure, long flowing movements, with the added pillow support for those who are breastfeeding. As each new mother has had a different labour experience your session will be tailored to your own individual needs. The Post Natal Massage can be given by laying on your side (just like Pregnancy Massage) as well as the usual positions, thus making your experience a unique treatment. A relaxing tummy massage can also be part of the treatment which is a lovely way of naturally helping your womb to gently contract, encouraging your uterus to return to its normal state pre-pregnancy. Slow breathing techniques at the beginning and at the end of the treatment are also used to promote ‘Just Being You’ again. Receiving a full body massage will not only help you relax and allow you to be you again but will also have some amazing benefits for the whole of you.

Benefits of Post Natal Massage

Rebalancing of your hormones Improved rates of breastfeeding due to hormone-releasing Relaxation Reduces anxiety Stress relief Reduces swelling Increased blood flow promotes healing Soothes nerve endings Eases strained and tired muscles Better sleep! Your time! What should you do afterwards? As with all massage treatments, it is advised that you drink plenty of water to help with hydration. Make sure you stay away from tea and coffee and any other stimulants and eat small meals for the rest of the day. Remember to tune in and listen to your body so that you can benefit from the treatment that you have received.

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