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Sports Massage: Who is it for?

Contrary to what people think, Sports Massage is not only just for athletes or those who are involved in sports. Absolutely anyone can benefit from this form of treatment, including those who have a very physically demanding job. Also, surprisingly people with either emotional and/or postural stress can sometimes show characteristics that are similar to those suffering from a sports injury.

What is Sports Massage?

Well as you can expect from the title, sports massage tends to be a much intense, deeper massage. The strokes of the Lincoln Sports Massage therapist are based on the Swedish massage techniques of long and flowing, but also involves the combining of friction, stretching, toning and trigger point therapy. This therapy is all about blending techniques to respond to the client’s requirements and offering a bespoke session to bring about the optimum performance for the sports person or relieve of muscle stress-related issues, by helping to alleviate tension/stress that has built up through physical activity, within the soft tissues of the body.

The benefits of Sports Massage

Increases circulation Can improve the body’s flexibility Can reduce pain within the muscle that has been overworked Can induce a better sleep pattern enabling better recovery time for the muscles A reliever of stress-related illness This form of treatment is used as a natural aid to healing. What to expect during a session with our Lincoln Sports Massage Clinician When you come along to CentredTherapies based at Manor House, 3 Low Moor Rd, Lincoln a session usually lasts for approximately 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on which service you require, with time to discuss with the lincoln sports massage clinician, Carolyn, any health issues that you may have, before the session begins. All discussions are kept private and confidential. You will need to remove your clothing down to your underwear and lay on the couch for the treatment. You will be covered by towels/blankets at all times and treated with respect.

Sports Massage is not in general painful, but sometimes you may feel a little sore or tenderness in the areas of treatment, especially if the tissue has any form of damage due to physically overworking. Thumb pressure and firm hand massage movements will help to take away aches and pains, with the sports massage clinician using knowledge and merging techniques to bring about relief.

Treatment Options

30-minute treatment. Specific area Deep Tissue Massage. Maintenance treatment for those who have issues in more localised areas. On your first visit, a 5-minute verbal consultation is also included in the 30-minute appointment.

60-minute treatment. Sports Massage is an ideal treatment for anyone struggling with discomfort or pain in more specific areas of the body. By using different pressures and techniques to manipulate the deeper tissue layers in the body, this treatment releases the muscle tension that has built up, leaving your aches and pains behind on the couch and you feeling great again.

90-minute treatment. The Top to Toe VIP treatment includes more time spent on areas of concern plus a hot towel foot massage to ease those aching feet. An absolute treat for all those runners out there!

How often should I have treatment?

During the first consultation with our Lincoln Sports Massage clinician, you will discuss what you wish to get out of having the session and consequent sessions too. Your treatment plan will be totally bespoke to your needs and requirements taking into consideration your age, state of health, and sports event that you are building up to do and any nature of the condition that has brought you to have a session in the first instant.

What should you do after the treatment?

It is recommended that you drink lots of water in the next 24 hour period immediately after having sports massage. The main reasons are to rehydrate your body, help flush out toxins that have got moved around through treatment and will also help to improve your energy levels too.

Try to stay away from drinks such as alcohol, tea, and coffee as these are stimulants and will change the effectiveness of the treatment. Also only eat light meals to help with healthy digestion and allowing your body to heal.

Avoid exercise if at all possible for up to 2-3 hours after the treatment.

Finally remember to jot down any reactions that you have, if any, so you can inform the therapist at your next session.

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