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Lincoln Pregnancy Massage Experience

A pregnancy massage experience can be given either during or after pregnancy – Prenatal or Postnatal. Pregnancy Massage can sometimes be thought of a luxurious treat, but it is very good for helping with lower back ache brought on by spine and posture movement during pregnancy. The body is going through lots of huge physical and emotional changes at different stages of the pregnancy, so the massage therapist will use different techniques to address these changes. Pregnancy Massage is a lovely complementary therapy choice to enable your pregnancy to be stress less and promoting overall wellness of you and for your unborn baby.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

  • Can help with your anxiety levels
  • Decreases the stress indicator hormone called cortisol
  • Decreases the levels of the stress hormone called Norepinephrine.
  • Increases the production of the feel-good hormone called Serotonin
  • Improves your sleep and the quality of the sleep
  • Improves the overall feeling of being in a ‘good’ mood.
  • Relief of joint pain and muscle aches
  • It promotes the psychological response of relaxation
  • Can improve the outcome of the labour and newborns health
  • Helps with the reduction of heartburn in the later stage of pregnancy
  • Helps with Anaemia by stimulation of the circulatory system.
  • Reduces general pregnancy discomforts

When is it safe to have a Pregnancy massage?

Generally when you start to feel much better and the morning sickness has passed, which is usually in the second trimester – 13-27 weeks of pregnancy. Treatment can carry on into the Third Trimester up until and during the birth of your baby. CentredTherapies would advise that you seek permission from your GP to indulge in pregnancy massage prior to attending your initial session.

When to avoid Pregnancy Massage.

It is generally advised to not have a pregnancy massage in the first trimester of pregnancy – 1-12 weeks – due to higher risk of miscarriage.

Also avoid if you are suffering from:

  • Morning sickness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • High blood pressure
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Diabetes
  • Abdominal pain or cramping
  • Unidentified pain
  • Contagious illness

What to expect during a pregnancy massage experience

Using pillows and bolsters to help position you in a comfortable place on the couch, will allow you to have a lovely relaxing pregnancy massage. Lying on your side, especially in the later stages of pregnancy will be the most comfortable position. The massage will usually take between 45-60 minutes.

The differences between normal Massage and Prenatal Massage

Less pressure and smaller sweeping movements across muscles, avoiding specific pressure points in the hands and ankles, will be used by the massage therapist. This is due to the increased risk of the stimulation of the uterus through these pressure points, resulting in starting possible labour. The therapist also is required to be calm and sensitive, and also have the ability to factor in the baby as well into the pregnancy massage experience.

What should you do afterwards?

As with normal massage, it is advised that you drink water to help with hydration. Being hydrated will also help with the elasticity of of your skin during pregnancy. Make sure you stay away from tea and coffee and any other stimulants and eat small meals for the rest of the day. Remember to make a note of any reactions that you may have had in relation to the massage. Inform the massage therapist of these reactions at your next visit to CentredTherapies.

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