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Are you struggling to get quality time by yourself? Do you crave real ‘me time’ to chill out, or a stress buster session, or simply to press that ‘reset button’?

Imagine if you could have all of these ‘wants’ all rolled into one package! Here at CentredTherapies we are introducing just that! Our ‘Find Inner Calm Treatment Package’ is a special time out from the chaos of our lives' and aims to put you completely in the centre, helping to get you back in balance. Having the sole use of CentredTherapies to yourself, you are guaranteed not to be disturbed as the ‘Find Inner Calm' Treatment Package offers you the seclusion of spending 3 hours in blissful alone time to recharge, reset and take time out just for you in our beautiful, tranquil surroundings.

Setting the scene

The ‘Stress Buster’ treatment.

Within our relaxing therapy room with calming mood lighting, aromatherapy scents wafting in the air, a heated couch and relaxing soothing music, you will first have a Dead Sea Mud Face Mask applied to give you a beautiful mineral-rich facial cleanse. Whilst the mask is drying you will receive a hand and arm massage including acupressure points using delicious aromatherapy oil. By using a warm face cloth to remove the face mask, your face will begin to feel all a glow and ready for the next treatment of a face massage. This is a delectable treatment and helps to release tension especially in the jawline and forehead. The facial oil used is by the leading brand, Elixir and by adding the use of a magical Jade Roller for that extra treat to your facial skin, you will begin to feel any tension floating away. By treating your neck and shoulders with slow and deliberate long stretches, this will also target those stress spots too. To complete the ‘Stress Buster’ treatment you will then receive an Indian Head Massage leaving you chilled, absolutely relaxed and stress-free.

Time for refreshment

The ‘Chillax’ treatment

Provided with a deluxe fluffy robe and slipper socks, you will move to a different area of CentredTherapies for a 20-minute refreshment break. Whilst you enjoy your own choice of a tea, coffee or hot chocolate with a few small nibbles, you will be snuggled up with a soothing lavender wheat heat bag draped across your shoulders, and your feet enveloped in a warm aromatherapy water Foot Spa – absolute pure heaven! With quiet music playing in the background, you will feel just like you are in your own private café but with the added pleasures of deluxe personal treatments too...

Press that Reset Button

‘Finding Your Inner Calm’

Back in our therapy room and carrying on from your foot spa you will then have foot and leg treatments. Gorgeous warm towels will be applied to both feet before receiving a delicious foot massage, incorporating reflexology to acupressure points. By applying Pink Himalayan Dry Oil Scrub to exfoliate too, this will nourish and rejuvenate your feet leaving you feeling like you could walk on air. With massage then applied, to both your feet and legs, this completes your foot and leg treatments. Finally, by pressing that button of ‘reset’ in your ‘Find Inner Calm' Treatment Package, you will receive a totally bespoke combined Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage of your neck, shoulders and full back. By using the delicious aromatherapy oil of your choice to heighten all your senses, you truly will have found your inner calm.

Something to take home!

You will also receive a goodie box to take away with you. This includes samples of the treatment products used, exfoliator gloves and a few exciting things too that will help you extend your 'spa feel experience' into your own home.

When is this service available?

Saturday afternoons from 1 pm until 4 pm

How do you book this treatment package?

By booking online at CentredTherapies.co.uk/book and choosing the button that says BOOKING for ‘Find Inner Calm’ Treatment Package only or by contacting us directly on 01522 282008

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