Baby Massage

Lincoln Baby Massage Experience

Perhaps you’re even wondering why your child needs some baby massage? Massaging, caressing and touching an infant is as important as milk, vitamins, minerals and other necessities the child needs to grow. Through baby massage you’ll help the infant’s digestion, balancing respiration, enhancing relaxation and learning to bond and enjoying parent-infant attachment.   Promotes healthy sleep, facilitate baby’s body awareness.  Help make the baby connect with you and feel loved while boosting the immune system. Massaging a baby is as natural and common in virtually any culture globally, especially in Africa and Indian cultures. The last three decades has seen this trend growing across Europe and America, particularly in the UK. It involves the primary care giver, parent or a certified baby massage instructor accredited by a body such as IAIM offering the service. The baby is held comfortably and lovingly stroked. Specific soothing quality oil is used with rhythmic movements. Soothing holds are given in various areas of the infant’s body. The sequence followed has been developed after lots of years of practice. It’s the best way of ensuring the baby feels respected, valued and loved as he/she is communicated to non-verbally. Drawing from Swedish and Indian baby body rub traditions, some principles of reflexology and yoga are also incorporated for a holistic and effective full-bodywork that gives, even more, love to the child.




Benefits of our Baby Massage Class

baby massage lincoln

  • Stimulate central nervous system
    As the infant receives some baby massage, essentially it’s his central nervous system that’s being stimulated. As a result, the baby’s brain gives out more serotonin making him feel great. With reduced cortisol, the stress-causing hormone will not affect the mood of the little one. The baby’s breathing and heart rate will slow down as a more relaxed feeling take over.
  • Helps baby’s emotional health

    Regular baby massage is great in enhancing the emotional comfort of the bundle of joy. In fact, through rhythmic movements and the most loving and affectionate touches, the child will feel loved and not ignored through the gentlest rubdowns. Just 10-15 minutes of baby massage can be the most enjoyable and useful thing you’ve ever given her.

    Carolyn from CentredTherapies offers Lincoln Baby Massage in an individual session for support with colic or tummy upsets or a block of 3 sessions for the massage tuition of the whole of the body.   This is can be held at the home of the parents within the Lincoln area, or alternatively you could also come to our base at The Social Care Exchange, Suite 4.  This is located on the outskirts of Lincoln,  just off the A46.  Carolyn teaches the important adaption of the strokes to meet the individual needs of the infant and growing baby. Such a comprehensive instruction leaves you with lots of formats to follow to meet the massaging needs of your baby or child.

    Our Lincoln Baby Massage instructor is certified with the Baby Massage instructors accreditation by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) so can help you to communicate better with your baby and transform your baby’s well-being and overall health. Carolyn is also a qualified Nursery Nurse.