Small Changes to Improve Your Health in 2019

Author: Carolyn Hodson

Don’t know what to do?

So, Christmas 2018 and all its festivities are finally over, and you are possibly contemplating a New Year’s Resolution regarding your health?! Beginning to feel like you are getting advice from everyone on how to go about it?   ‘Try Yoga’ Oh I’ve joined the Gym, why not come too…’  ‘My running club is brilliant, best thing I ever did…’  etc etc….You are one of many!!! 

Aim small to win! 

The key to making changes to improve your overall health and wellbeing is aim small so your goal is easily attained.  If you do this, you will most likely succeed in what you are aiming for, and then be able to move onto the next one with ease.  Silly out of reach goals will just find you fizzling out after just a few weeks or even days! Concentrate on one thing at a time too so you aren’t overwhelmed with too much change! 

Your relationship with food

Most of us think straight away when making New Year resolutions, about losing that weight we have somehow put on over Christmas…but honestly, perhaps weight has been steadily creeping up anyway, but we have chosen to ignore it?!  

Well now is a good time to evaluate your eating habits, your feelings around food, what motivates your behaviours and look at it (food)and you in more depth to start to make better choices on a day to day basis, rather than wait until you feel how you do now.  Makes sense!   

Small changes in your diet, eating more fruit and vegetables, drinking more fluid, better habits formed and of course making sure you put some form of exercise into your day, will start to make you feel physically so much better.   

Exercise – what should I do?

Exercise is a very personal thing.  Some love to go to the gym – others absolutely hate it.  Running clubs or on your own – again everyone has their preference.  Finding the ‘thing’ that makes you ‘feel good’ and gives you that satisfaction and buzz of achievement for you personally, will be the one thing that you will find yourself wanting to go and do because you are enjoying yourself and loving the results. 

How often?

If you plan on losing weight, attending the gym, or just training to run to the end of the street and back…remember small set targets for how often and how far per day/week, is the way to good steady positive results.   

Apps to help with motivation

Look on the internet for some fabulous APPS to help with your chosen goal.  Use them to motivate you to achieve that new you.   

So that’s the physical side, what about your emotional state?

Are you feeling stressed about going back to work after the Christmas break? Is the thought of it just causing you to feel down and depressed? Well perhaps something is trying to tell you that you need to make changes in other parts of your life too, not just your physical? You deserve to feel happy, after all we spend most of our waking hours at work, so we need to be reasonably happy in what we do in that time…don’t we? 

Identify one thing

Sometimes changing one thing will have an amazing impact over all of you.  Muscles will feel less stressed so less headaches occur.  You feel happier, so will be happier.  Others around you feel happier too because they can see you have changed for the better.  A new job.  A new relationship.  Do that travelling that you keep putting off.  Move to a new house.   Join a mediation group.  Find out what would make some positive change to how you feel emotionally and…..DO IT!   

And finally, you’re worth it!

If you evaluate your emotional health at the same as your physical health to give ‘you’ a complete overhaul in 2019, you will be well on the way to a much happier, healthier you.   Go on…You know you’re worth it!!!  

So, here’s to a most fabulous new year in every way in 2019!!

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