Pre / Post Natal Massage

Author: Carolyn Hodson

Pre Natal Massage / Post Natal Massage

Pregnant women are safe to have a massage providing it is carried out by a massage therapist that has had specialist training in pregnancy massage. Due to all the huge changes that happen to a woman both physically and emotionally during pregnancy it is essential that they get the correct care both for her and her unborn baby.

Specialist trained massage therapists will know all the areas of the body that are not to be massaged, thus preventing unnecessary risks to mother and the baby. It is also important to recognise that pregnancy massage is a complementary treatment and would be wise move to seek advice from a trained medical professional such as a Midwife or GP, prior to starting treatment.

Generally, it is advised not to have a pregnancy massage during the first trimester due to the high risk of miscarriage. Most women are feeling too under the weather with sickness to even contemplate having one anyway. The feelings of sickness are over roughly by 16wks of gestation, so it is then that it is most likely to be beneficial to the mother and baby to start to receive pregnancy massages from CentredTherapies or another qualified individual.

With the physical changes of the body rapidly changing, women often have aches and pains in the lower region of the back, especially around the sacrum area. Massaging around this area can reap lots of benefits for the mother to be, enabling more flexibility and range of movement in readiness for the labour. Gentle stroking movements around mothers bump, encourages bonding and attachment and often baby will move about quite freely when touched and talked to during the massage treatment showing that they are loving it too!

Pregnancy massage can be carried on throughout the 3 trimesters and simple movements and strokes are often taught to birthing partners too, enabling them to give relief to the mother at the time of the birth. Often this form of massage is offered to the mother for a few sessions after the birthing experience too. After the baby is born, your baby can participate in baby massage and you’re free to resume normal massage with no restrictions.

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