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The main goal of giving a massage is to promote relaxation of the whole body and mind. Our Lincoln Massage Therapist will use long slow gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. Other techniques also used during the treatment include, pressure in a circular direction by the hands, palms and thumbs, firm kneading, stretching, bending and tapping – a bit like percussion.

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Extremely professional, Carolyns massage techniques were second to none, I extremely enjoyed my massage and will be back soon –Joanne.

About our Massage Experience

Common issues such as low energy, fatigue, lack of sleep, anxiety, lack of better circulation or issues with concentration afflict many but very few actually give massage a second thought. When you book an appointment with our Lincoln Massage Therapist, Carolyn, of CentredTherapies, based at Langton House, Lindum Business Park, she will tell you that she believes about 90 percent of painful conditions and diseases are related to stress, something that therapeutic massage can help can deal with. Whether you consider it therapeutic, rejuvenating or pampering there’s no denying that the therapy goes beyond being a luxurious treat. We’re proud to be one of the few Lincoln Massage Therapy clinics who adjust our treatments exactly to our client’s needs.

Benefits of Massage

relax and get a massage

Releases stress

Stress affects all of us time and again. It’s manifested in diverse behavioural changes such as increased tobacco use, withdrawing socially, engaging in alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and sadness as well as angry outbursts. As a result stomach upsets increase, headaches, fatigues, chest pain or muscle tensions occur even as sex drive plummets. With ideal massage from a professional, qualified and certified expert the experience can enhance heart rate, relax muscles, and lower blood pressure while releasing endorphin’s in the body leaving you feeling great. Studies have indicated just a 60-minute session can reduce your heart rate and cortisol, ending stress.

relax and rejuvenate with a massage

Enhances relaxation

In most cases deadlines at work, long and slow traffic to long meetings, noise and mayhem at home could complicate our ability to relax. Digestive complications, insomnia and painful headaches result as cortisol levels go up. Massage therapy easily decreases the levels of cortisol allowing the body to recover, rest and relax. In fact, the relaxation effect remains a little longer after the massage.

get a healthy blood pressure through massage

Decreases blood pressure

Rejuvenating massage therapy has the effect of dealing with high blood pressure by lowering systolic pressure of blood and diastolic blood pressure. Levels of stress-hormone are also lowered such as urinary and salivary cortisol. On the other hand, with lower blood pressure hostility, anxiety and depression will go down, maintaining stress hormones at the desired level while lowering the risks of strokes, kidney failures and heart attacks.

Post op treatment

Post surgery help

After a surgical procedure of any kind, massage therapy can help bring nutrients and blood to the areas affected. The process repairing the soft tissue. Scar tissue will also be broken up even as better circulation takes oxygen and much needed nutrients to vital tissues and organs. Even without injury, such a rejuvenating experience can enhance muscle suppleness and flexibility among athletes and people who engage in frequent workouts. The bodyworks are also effective in post-injury rehabilitation to help injured muscles, tendons and ligaments heal effectively.

In a nutshell, treatment will lead to reduced fatigue, increased circulation, better and enhanced energy, decreased anxiety and improved sleep quality.

Our Lincoln Massage Therapist, Carolyn holds a Level 3 Diploma in Massage (QCF) and VTCT accredited. She offers a customised Lincoln Massage Experience on behalf of CentredTherapies to help you enjoy all the benefits of a healthy and stress-free body through the best and effective massage you definitely need.

Get a better posture

Improves your posture

Due to the nature of our lifestyles, our postures are usually on the losing end. There’s so much tension that culminates in a tense back, painful backaches and neck pain. Poor posture makes you look awful and forces the body muscles to exert even further all day long. Internal organs are pressed down affecting other body functions such as digestion. Massage returns your body to its best, reinforcing its natural and healthy movements, relieving pressure points, letting your joints enjoy maximum freedom, relaxing and loosening the muscles.

improve circulation with massage

Boosts circulation

Poor circulation increases discomfort as fluids can pool in such extremities as the toes. Aches and fatigue go up as lactic acid accumulates in bodily muscles. Better circulation brings needed oxygen to tense and damaged muscles. As pressure is applied during massage blood is allowed to move through the tensed areas. Pulling and squeezing techniques also release lactic acid afflicting the muscles. Therapy actually enhances the flow of blood, decreases blood pressure and augments body functions.

increase flexibility with massage therapy

Enhance flexibility

Through massage therapy, you can improve and maintain body motion and flexibility. This is because muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues are worked on enhancing overall flexibility. The joints will remain fluid avoiding injury when you least expect it.


release stress with a massage lincoln experience

Boosts your immunity

Serotonin levels have been found to go up even as the number of bodily defensive cells is raised in the body just by going through a 45-60 minute massage. A regular rub on the other hand increases the cytotoxic immune capacity of the body and decreases t-cell numbers enhancing overall immune function in the body.

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 Calming atmosphere with lovely surroundings, great Massage by CentredTherapies – felt de-stressed and relaxed afterwards –Lisa M.

What to expect during Lincoln Massage Therapy?

When you come along for a Massage in Lincoln, a session usually lasts for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. This includes time to discuss with the therapist, Carolyn, any health issues that you may have before the session begins. All discussions are kept private and confidential. You will need to remove your clothing down to your underwear and lay on the couch for the treatment. You will be covered by towels/blankets at all times and treated with respect.

Massage Therapy is not in general painful. Sometimes you may feel a little sore or tenderness in the areas of treatment. Especially if the tissue has any form of damage due to physically overworking. Example: stiff neck or shoulders. Slow, long movements and techniques will help to take away aches and pains, with the therapist using knowledge and merging techniques to bring about relief.

How often should I have a Massage Treatment?

During the first consultation at our massage therapy clinic, you will discuss what you wish to get out of having the session and consequent sessions too. Your treatment plan will be totally bespoke to your needs and requirements. We will take into consideration your age, state of health, and any nature of the condition that has brought you to have a session in the first instant.

What should you do afterwards?

It is recommended that you drink lots of water in the next 24 hour period immediately after having treatment. The main reasons are to re hydrate your body, help flush out toxins that have got moved around through treatment and will also help to improve your energy levels too.

Try to stay away from drinks such as alcohol, tea and coffee. These are stimulants and will change the effectiveness of the treatment. Also only eat light meals to help with healthy digestion and allowing your body to heal.

Avoid exercise if at all possible for up to 2-3 hours after the treatment
Finally, remember to jot down any reactions that you have. If you have any, you can inform the therapist at your next session.

How to find CentredTherapies

CentredTherapies is located close to Doddington Road, Lincoln. To get directions from your exact location, click here.

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