how to relax

Tips on how to relax

Author: Carolyn Hodson

Tips To Help Yourself Relax In Times Of Stress

Relaxing can be simple if only you now how. You don’t need to go anywhere special to do it and certainly don’t need a trip to a spa! These tips and ideas can help you on an everyday basis, by simply putting them into your daily ‘self-care’ routine. Go on…have a go! It doesn’t take long and you deserve it as it is important to take time for you!

Concentrate on your breathing

Deep breathing counters the effect on stress because it lowers your heart rate, which in turn lowers your blood pressure. One way of breathing is sitting up straight, eyes closed with one hand on your tummy. Start to take a deep breath in through your nose. While you are doing this feel your tummy rise under your hand like a balloon being blown up. Pause at the top and then release slowly by breathing through your mouth.


Just a few minutes per day can help with stress and anxiety. Simply sit on the floor or on a chair and relax your body. Concentrate on your breathing and remember to hold your tummy with one hand. Think of a saying that is related to you….’I love myself’ or ‘peaceful’, and then say this either out loud or in your head, in sync with your breathing. Shut out all other thoughts of the day and just be.

Be present in the moment

I love this one! Just a few moments a day practicing this is enough to make changes. Slow right down and notice things, like…how the sun feels on your face, the tastes in your mouth when you eat, how the glass squeaks when you are washing it up in the warm suds. Simply focusing in the moment helps you to feel less tense and anxious.

Tune into your body

This goes lovely with mediation. Simply lie down or sit with your feet flat on the floor. I prefer the later so that I feel connected to the ground. Concentrate on your breathing and be aware of your tummy rising and falling with every breathe. Slowly scan your body, starting at your feet. What sensations to you feel? Are they cold/hot? Tingling? Slowly scan all the way up your body taking in everything that you feel or sense.

Reach out to others

This is a must, as close friends or family can help you make sense of what is going on with you, by simply allowing you to share how you are feeling and helping you to have a new fresh perspective on things.

Listen to music

This is a fantastic way of lifting your mental spirit and is also a good way of getting your blood pressure down in times of stress. Natural sounds such as waves, waterfalls, whales etc are great, but also music that gets you moving too is a great way of getting the ‘feel good factor’ back into your body too. Singing out loud is a great stress-relieving and anxiety buster, so what are you

Laugh out loud

There is nothing like a real good laugh to make you feel better! A good hearty belly laugh works wonders. Belly laughing actually lowers the levels of cortisol in your brain, your own bodies stress hormone, and then kick starts your feeling good chemicals (endorphins) to come into action making you feel fantastic again. Good stuff!

Get a move on

This doesn’t mean you go out and run a marathon! Just walking around the block, park or taking the dog out is a great stress-relieving activity. Exercise, be it walking or practicing yoga is a great way of letting go of any stress related thoughts or emotions. Exercising will again help to produce endorphins enabling you to begin to feel so much better in yourself.

So there we have it. Some simple tips to help you get started in making small changes to your daily lifetime routine. Just one change will make all the difference…so go on….what are you waiting for? Take time for you and I promise you will reap the benefits!

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