How to make healthy lifestyle changes

Author: Carolyn Hodson

Stuck in a rut and wish to change your lifestyle?

Well if this is you, then you are among many!

Starting with little changes to your general lifestyle and wellbeing is the way to start your journey.


Eating the right foods, eating in moderation and your portion sizes are all a big factor in how you manage your weight and how healthy you feel. If you feel you need support to make these changes, in the City of Lincoln UK, there are many groups that you can go to for this, such as or

If you feel motivated enough to do it by yourself, then often a good way to start is to look at how much food you are consuming…you may surprise yourself!!! Portion control can be managed by using a portion plate. A good one can be found at


Of course, adding exercise to your lifestyle changes will also give you huge benefits in all areas of ‘you’ including both mental and physical wellness.

Exercise in Lincoln

Running just for yourself – Run in the Park Lincoln

What is the Lincoln ParkRun?

The ParkRun is a 5km run and the best bit is that it is you against the clock and free to enter. Every Saturday at 09:00 it is held at Boultham Park Lincoln LN6 7SS. The ParkRun is for everyone and anyone, young or old, walkers, joggers, runners, all are welcome. All you need to do is complete the course at your own pace and enjoy yourself. For further information on what is all about, just visit to register and to get started!

Lincoln Running clubs

For others who wish to take it a little more serious there are running clubs in Lincoln that you can access for instance or but just look via online search and you will find one that matches your interests and requirements.

Other activities you can try in Lincoln

Walking, in general, is an amazing way of keeping you healthy. All that outside fresh air, lovely views if you are lucky enough to be away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city, and of course a good social activity if you pair up with friends for motivation. Swimming, badminton, squash and many more ideas are all there, you just need to find the one that interests you so that you will keep up your momentum and motivation to succeed.

Looking after yourself

So, you have found the ideal activity that you want to have a go at. Well done! stretches, warm-ups/cooldowns are all important as part of your routine to make sure that you remember to do them, and of course remember to drink plenty of fluid to keep those muscles hydrated.

Massage pre and post-race

For those wishing to go that one bit further, massage as part of your wellness routine is a great way to look after both pre and post-race aching muscles and stiff joints. Deep tissue massage would be an appropriate therapy for relief of aches and maintaining your body through your lifestyle changes.

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