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Deep Tissue Massage and Physiotherapy: The Differences.

Author: Carolyn Hodson

Deep Tissue Massage & Physiotherapy – The differences?

I get asked this quite a lot of the time at the Burton Waters Clinic, Lincoln.  Clients ask me as they are not too sure whether to have Physio with a Lincoln Physiotherapist or if they should see a Sports Massage / Deep Tissue Massage specialist, so they ask me what I think.  So here we go with a quick look at what the differences are!


I feel the name itself actually suggests that physio treatment that is done by a medical professional.  If you agree with this then you are correct.  Physiotherapists study beyond degree level and are regulated by professional body. They are often employed by the NHS to carry out physio to those that need help with Musculoskeletal, respiratory, neurology and orthopedic issues.  A Physiotherapist will use spinal and joint mobilization and muscle activation to treat the client.  They will also carry out a very in-depth consultation and physical examination to make a clinical diagnosis.  Sometimes Physiotherapists will do a hands on physio, but usually, treatment is just advice on different forms of stretches and exercises that you can do to get your mobility back or to have a better range of movement.

Deep Tissue Massage

Well, this may surprise you but a Deep Tissue Massage Clinican can also use spinal and joint mobilization and muscle activation to treat the client!  They also carry out consultations and sometimes physical examinations to do with posture and your gait but can not do a clinical diagnosis.  Deep Tissue Massage is always a hands-on treatment and will involve stretches too.  Advice can be given on exercises to help with post and pre-sports injuries.  Deep Tissue Massage Clinicians, at this moment, are not regulated, but good ones can be found on Google, Google reviews, testimonials or by word of mouth from friends that have had a Deep Tissue Massage before.   This form of treatment is to be used along with conventional medicine and never in its place.

So, which treatment is best for you?

Well, as you can see there is not a lot of difference between Physiotherapy and Deep Tissue Massage.  However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach to your treatments then perhaps having a Deep Tissue Massage would be the right way to go.  The down side to this is that this treatment is not free as most Deep Tissue Massage Clinicians are private practices, unlike we you go to see an NHS Physiotherapist at a GP or hospital.  The choice is yours.

Deep Tissue Massage? – How can it help you?

Whether you are a sportsman or woman or just someone who is suffering from aches and pains, then having a regular Deep Tissue Massage can help.  It can prevent an injury or can help with the mending of the tissue post injury.

Injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments can lead to scar tissue forming, which can then lead to the tissue becoming less flexible.  Unfortunately, if you are involved in sports a lot then the elasticity of the tissue is also prone to damage. This leaves them hard and less stretchy.  This leads to further injury due to the condition of the tissue

What can Deep Tissue Massage do to help with injuries?

From experience of our  Lincoln Deep Tissue Massage Specialist, in our Clinic in Burton Waters, we’ve found that knowledge and understanding of how the individual’s body works are important, this is why we make sure a personalised plan is discussed.  The priority is to make sure all your needs are met.  This will help you prepare for a major sports event, treat an ongoing injury or simply give a deeper tissue massage to help with a long-term ache.   Renewing your general health along the way too.

Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

Long strokes

These can be long strokes just like when you have a Swedish Massage.  These strokes help to move fluid along the lymph and blood vessels.   Adding slight pressure just before the long stroke helps squeeze the blood along, especially in tight or damaged muscles.

Stretching the tissue

Muscle has a ‘cover’ around it to protect it called a sheath or fascia.  Deep tissue massage can release tension or tightness, by stretching the muscles fibre both sideways and length-ways

Advantages of seeing our Lincoln Deep Tissue Massage Clinician?

A lot of clients from our branch in Lincoln have reported a reduction of pain. In deep tissue massage, we do this by alleviating tension and waste products.  The body very cleverly produces and releases endorphin’s to help with pain relief.

A major advantage is that the actual massage generates heat around the body, circulation gets better and the muscles become more elastic through the stretching.  All this amounts to the body becoming relaxed allowing the body to have time to heal.  Muscles start to lengthen with the warmth.  Added luxury to help with this would be to have a massage on a heated couch!

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