Burton waters

Burton Waters Guide

Author: Carolyn Hodson

A Visit To Burton Waters, Lincoln

After looking at a variety of different locations throughout Lincoln, nothing came close to the feel of luxury that this beautiful location has.  With gorgeous views across the waters, not to mention the array of different boats moored in the Quays and a lovely collection of intimate shops, cafe, and restaurants, who could ask for more.  We loved this Burton Waters so much, we even decided to relocate our business here. We wanted to pass on this ‘feel good’ feeling we felt, onto our clients too.

Reasons to visit Burton Waters

Breathtaking views.

Well, where do you start? On arriving at The Quays at Burton Waters you are met with what I can only describe as gorgeous, breathtaking views.  Now that spring is arriving, the plants are beginning to push themselves through the ground.   Out on the water in the distance are many geese, swans and ducks swimming around in the beautiful environment of the quays. Boats of all shapes and sizes are bobbing around on the water as the day starts to begin.

Riverside walks.

With walks available around the whole of Burton Waters, it is a perfect place to go and explore, relax and enjoy the marvelous sights of nature.

The Landings.

On walking around the ‘Quays’ and the ‘Landings’, you can feel the peace and tranquillity. With birds singing in the background to making the beginning of the day feel great. Looking down the walkway of The Landings, the ducks are out, waiting for someone to feed them. Regular walkers and residents say that the ducks come every year to the same place and sit in waiting for people to come by.

Amenities at Burton Waters.

The Landings have many different elite shops.  These include a lovely little coffee house.   You can sit outside and watch the world go by while you have a tea or coffee.   If you fancy a bit of me time, then there is also a beauty salon that can offer you a range of cosmetic beauty services.  A salon is also available for you to visit, with calming views overlooking the waters. If you are suffering from aches and pains, then you can always take a visit to CentredTherapies. (CentredTherapies is no longer located at burton waters, but we’re extremely close-by. Find our location here).

Local gym.

Nestled in the heart of Burton Waters is a fabulous gym and club with spa facilities and tennis courts.  After your workout you can relax in the south facing patio area and chillout by taking in the wonderful views.

Eating out.

There are a few restaurants where you can part take in small bite meals.  Or if you fancy a full lunch/dinner, that is available too.  A mention of the family friendly pub that is located right on the canal-side to this most luxurious ‘little village’.   Offering canal moorings for holiday makers to pop in for a beer or a meal, makes it a superior and not to be missed pub.  Cooking fresh food to your order and sitting out in the beer garden, who could wish for more?!

Fancy purchasing a boat?

A family Lincoln run business gives you the opportunity to live out your dreams moored at Burton Waters.  With new and used boats and yachts available, you are spoilt for choice. Just pop into the sales suite on the Marina to get a first class service and begin your boating journey.

So finally

What a wonderful experience you can have by visiting Burton Waters.  Lots for all the family to do and see.  You don’t need fabulous weather, but of course, this helps, to have a good time with family and friends….so…what are you waiting for?!!  See you there!

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